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Corporate branding

FabLab Design AS has long experience in corporate branding, and working with the physical and emotional aspects of creating branding concepts that resonate with employees and customers. Integrated business branding integrates the company’s core values, goals and ambitions. Both in digital channels and in the physical working environment, and the attitudes of the people who work there. Our skillset and experience covers the traditionally separate areas of advertising agency, design agency and interior architects. Based on a solid stakeholder insights process, we develop original branding and identity concepts and visual prototypes in digital and 3D. When the design concept is accepted, we take care of final production and installation of digital and physical elements.

A coherent and functional space encourages employee creativity and collaboration. The design of working spaces should reflect the organisation’s aspirations and values; the company’s view of its own creativity and success.  By involving employees in the process of adapting their own work environments, we can help to build trust and commitment to the change process. Employees will be part of the design solution and will be positive ambassadors for the company.

Department for Correctional Services

We developed a new master identity, including logo and graphic elements for Norway´s Department of Correctional Services. This was an exciting and complex project, with a great deal of research and work behind the creation of the new branding system.

The ministry brand represents both the prison and probationary system, and is designed to signal both the protection of society and care for the inmates. The brand has a contemporary feel, where the pattern symbolises a vision of personal development, transition and rehabilitation. The outer shape of the coat of arms and a crown signals authority, authority and power.

Viken Fiber

Young dynamic office environment, with limited space. Our design challenge was how to bring customers through the office space into meeting rooms, and also reduce the noise levels from the busy customer service team.

Our solution was to create softer lines and forms in the reception area, which became an expression of the Viken brand, and also to provide a more human alternative to the standard office cubicle. It was important to reflect the profile in the colour palette as well as in our selection of decorative elements. For the open office landscape we dampened noise levels by designing curved walls which utilised noise absorbing fabrics and panels. Marketplace

For our client Stupa AS, FabLab Design created a special competition prize. We customised an electric vacuum cleaner using the Finn-cat, a well-known brand symbol as a decorative element.