Café Valborg, Oslo

Historically inspired restaurant interior

For one of Oslo´s most historical buildings, which is now used for office accommodation, we needed to create a canteen for around 100 employees in the basement level of the building. We chose to recreate the feeling of a 19th century cafe, inspired by some of Oslo´s historical cafes and restaurants. FabLab Design has made a Grand Café which brings together employees for lunch, meetings and social events. The restaurant also contains a coffee bar, a wine cellar, a mirrored hallway as well as several modern and dramatic meeting rooms with video conferencing.

The interior is inspired by elements from all corners of the world to recreate the mood and palette appropriate to the historical period. We also needed to incorporate all required 21st century kitchen facilities were in place. The café is named after Valborg Stang, one of the first inhabitants of the building.