Outdoor spaces

…an extension of a buildings personality

A beautiful building is best displayed if it stands proud in a well-designed garden. The outdoor area is the first thing we see when we arrive at a building. A beautiful setting, a respite that creates a positive mood and expectation before moving indoors to meet the business and its employees.

FabLab Design has been responsible for the exterior and outdoor area in Wergelandsveien 27. The façade is protected and is on Oslo´s yellow list, so all colors had to be matched exactly to the original colors of the building. We researched old drawings from the outdoor area as it appeared in the early 1900s. Cobblestones, single passages and soft lines between flower beds, grass and walking zones. A combination of painted wall against gray and pink granite. We designed new wrought iron fences and gates based on clover patterns that have become a symbol for the property. Planting for each season was also important. Spring starts with a beautiful flowering French Azalea hedge and a centered cherry tree towards Wergelandsveien. 2500 tulips were planted in the autumn and they bloom in early spring at different heights and shapes in the flower beds that frame the porch. These are followed by fragrant roses along the house walls, which hold their bloom until well into autumn and a dense burgundy hedge of blood beech screens against the neighboring property. The ancient large tree is the cornerstone of the property and it was important to shield it throughout the renovation process. It owns the corner where it stands and extends its protective branches over the property. We hid outdoor lighting with trees and shrubs, so it becomes a delicate illuminated garden room for late afternoons and evenings. The facade lighting was carefully planned so all the stucco and the windows on the façade get a soft but proud illumination after sunset.

As more and more employees choose to cycle to work, we wanted incorporated smart and secure bike racks that matched this beautiful building. Large hearts in galvanized steel were the perfect solution!