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SuperOffice Norway

workspace design that encourages new product innovation

SuperOffice´s mission is to create CRM software that enables companies to build strong and long lasting relationships with their customers. FabLab Design has helped SuperOffice to succeed by designing exciting and modern workplace solutions that facilitating various activities such as concentrated individual work, team meetings, creative idea development, programming and meetings with customers and partners.

When we begin to create functional workplaces that meet the needs of hundreds of employees, we need to consider acoustics, lighting conditions, ventilation and the indoor climate. We use activity-based design principles to discover what solutions are needed based on how employees actually work and move around in the space during their working day. We interview and involve employees which gives them a voice and influence in how the design solution can improve productivity, creativity and well-being in their working day.

The premises extend over 4 floors, with coffee bar, lunch café and meeting rooms downstairs, and spaces for development and programming on the top floor. An old building requires individual adaptation in every one of its many nooks and crannies.

FabLab Design has designed the office furniture so that they are in harmony with the building architecture, combined with modern materials adapted to today's requirements for a good working environment. FabLab Design created a unique bespoke series of four-leaf clover desks as well as other simple organic desk forms which help to give flow and harmony to the environment. All cabinets are located against the outside wall, under the windows long walls. Custom-made furniture solutions, harmonious colors and positive decor elements help create a sense of well-being and good working conditions.