FabLab Design AS is a creative studio working with interior architecture and design for organisations, public institutions and private homes.


We create distinctive professional environments that are designed around the real needs of users; the way they work, the culture of their organization, and the colours, forms and materials that empower people to collaborate and perform at their very best. In Norway and internationally we work for clients in many different industries and professions. Most of our projects begin with a feasibility study which includes interviews with end users and an analysis of key workflows. This gives us a sound basis for concept development and implementation.

Fablab Design is versatile, but we have particular expertise in the renovation of protected buildings, the design of healthy, functional workplaces, and the creation of visually impactful public spaces such as receptions, halls, canteens, libraries and garden landscapes. We think outside the box and work closely with our clients and partners to build a common vision in a collaborative process.

We also work for private clients, helping them undertake major renovation and remodeling projects.

We make extensive use of modern digital technologies and workflows and our team is skilled in using ArchiCAD and BIM-systems to support collaborative working with developers, architects, engineers and builders.

Siv Amundsen-Lack : CEO, Designer, Interior Architect

Siv Amundsen-Lack: CEO, Designer, Interior Architect

Siv Amundsen-Lack brings an impressive array of design and branding skills developed over a 25-year career to her work with clients. A true strategic designer, Siv understands the impact of design choices, and how to apply them to improve the business and culture of organisations.  Since starting FabLab Design in London in 2001, Siv has been a passionate advocate of human-centered design, a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. In this way, Siv believes that design can transform productivity, workplace culture and employee well-being. All of which contribute to better business outcomes. Siv is working or has recently worked with clients such as Sweco, SuperOffice, Oslo Cathedral School and Hydro,

Siv has been a successful entrepreneur for most of her career. She started young, becoming creative director of an international advertising agency in her early 20s. Siv started her own Oslo-based design and branding agency in 1990, which worked with clients as diverse as Apple, Interflora and the Norwegian Government. Siv has a BA in Design and a Msc in International Marketing. She is also a qualified Feng Shui practitioner.

Ranveig Valkvæ Seierstad : Project Manager, Interior Architect

Ranveig Valkvæ Seierstad: Project Manager, Interior Architect

As FabLab´s project manager, Rannveig juggles many tasks; from creating detailed order lists, to international sourcing and negotiation with suppliers, as well as managing budgets and delivery schedules. Rannveig is committed and solution-oriented, and knows that good communications are the key to success, as well as risk reduction in a project. She is a fast learner who adapts quickly to new tasks and challenges. She always has her customer in focus, uses creativity in order to get the best results, and has good change management skills. She strives to deliver the highest possible quality within the project's financial framework. 

Before joining FabLab, Rannveig ran her own interior design company for many years, where she also worked with concept development as well as project management. Rannveig was educated at the University of Oslo, taking basic subjects in Psychology and pursuing Interior Design and Project Management courses at BI. She has worked as a sensor at the Norwegian School of Applied Sciences and was a partner in Interior Firm 4Rom from 2003, where she led projects for customers such as Rambøll Oil and Gas, Centerpoint, Barents Secretariat and På Håret Frisør.

Anh Nguyen : Interior designer BA

Anh Nguyen: Interior designer BA

Anh has grown up in a family with an architect father and a skilled carpenter as a grandfather. Since a very young age, Anh’s passion and appreciation for architecture and design have been encouraged and supported. She has inherited a good eye for detail and an attitude of working with precision and quality. Her multicultural education has also helped to develop her understanding of schematic design. Anh takes design as a process which impacts the individual and she is therefore committed to create harmony between the design concept and the client’s needs.

Anh is a committed team member with a strong work ethic and focus on getting the job done in the best possible way.

Anh completed her education in San Francisco with an AA in Graphic Design and BA Interior Architecture, with a specialism in Hospitality & Commercial Design. Her education has given her solid skills in document drafting, design process management and concept development and presentation. Anh has also worked as a brand manager and interior designer for restaurants and small offices in and outside Oslo.

Marie Landsverk : Interior Architect MA

Marie Landsverk: Interior Architect MA

Marie is an Interior Architect with extensive expertise in digital programs such as ArchiCad and Adobe Design. She works on BIM platforms in large projects where Fablab collaborates with architects, engineers and builders. Marie is flexible, and able  to work independently as well as in team settings. She enjoys the challenge of working with new clients and projects. Marie has extensive experience as a project coordinator, as well as having worked with developing sales presentations and pitches for partners and clients. Marie has a Msc in Interior Architecture from Dublin in Ireland.

Marie began her career with Beerenberg Group, working on innovative interior and service solutions for the oil and gas industry. She is especially interested in understanding the end users who will work and live in the interior solutions she designs. To deliver a solution that works, it is vital to understand their needs, workflows and contexts. Marie is focused on the meeting points between services and people and sees good solutions as delivering a complete experience for the user that covers all the ways in which they use interior spaces.

Milla Amundsen-Lack : Praktikant

Milla Amundsen-Lack: Praktikant

Milla is an energetic design student who approaches new tasks with enthusiasm and an innovative attitude. Milla has honed her digital design skills using Adobe Design, SketchUp and more recently ArchiCAD. Her design work was first noticed on Instagram and SnapChat where her filters and ids are used by millions of users. Milla is a practical designer who ensures that the solutions she designs are usable and robust. Milla was born into a creative family and grew up in London where this exciting and cultural metropolis first woke her interest in design. Milla recently graduated from a Design Specialization at Elvebakken High School, and is now studying for a BA Design at NABA Belle de Arte in Milan. Milla is a true digital native and well-practiced in working in virtual environments, allowing her to continue to contribute to FabLab projects from her base in Italy.

Russell Lack : Business and Digital Consultant

Russell Lack: Business and Digital Consultant

Russell has over 20 years of experience in enterprise consulting across digital media, technology and marketing industries. His expertise includes digital marketing, strategy and data management. As part of FabLab Design Russell is responsible for digital business tools and platforms, as well as working on customer insight processes and business development.

Russell is a UK citizen, fluent in Norwegian, and with a MBA from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.